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One World Wildlife is a UK-based charity that funds research projects around the world. We are protecting our world's threatened wildlife and habitats through practical intervention and supporting local people and projects. Through this we hope to ensure the coming generations have better opportunities to enjoy happy, sustainable lives.

The natural world is a fascinating and beautiful place, and we are fortunate to be a part of it. At One World Wildlife, we believe it is critical for the current generation to live within its fair share of the Earth's resources.

One World Wildlife is particularly proud of the cost-efficiency of its operation with only one member of staff (part-time), there's no money wastage in layers of staff. The trustees by nature of their position are not paid anything. Our funding is targeted in specific areas including:-

  • Using up-to-date scientific data to identify the most seriously threatened ecosystems and their associated wildlife, or facilitating the collection of such information if none is currently available;
  • Supporting research projects into endangered ecosystems and the wildlife that depends upon them in order to gather information that will contribute to future ecological programmes;
  • Establishing education programmes and providing the resources that enable local people to appreciate and exploit their environment in a more sustainable way, thus protecting it for future generations.

To read about some of our projects click on 'what we do' above, or if you feel inspired to do something, then please look at our 'How to help' page, or, simply click on the animal (opposite) you would like to adopt.

Thank you,

One World Wildlife team.


In 2 minutes, you can become much greener!

One World Wildlife has an exciting new partnership with green energy suppliers, Ecotricity (www.ecotricity.co.uk). They have agreed to donate up to £60 to us for each person who switches their electricity/gas supply to Ecotricity!

  • 2 minutes of your time - Ring 08000 302 302 during working hours and you will be put straight through to someone who will ask for your name and address and then sort the switch for you, so no hanging on for ages, or you can sign up online: www.ecotricity.co.uk/one-world-wildlife
  • Means the electricity and gas you consume at home is from renewable energy, improving your carbon footprint
  • Cost? Ecotricity pledge to match the price of the Big Six energy suppliers for their standard ‘brown’ electricity and gas so it won’t cost a penny more
  • Mention One World Wildlife (or OWW1) and we will receive £40 (£60 if you switch both electricity & gas)

It's a win win situation!

Same cost for electricity and gas as standard rate in your area

                     Your energy usage will be green

                                                One World Wildlife will receive £40